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Post Installation Configuration- Optional

Optional Configuration (German or Japanese language support):

  • The app version 6.4.0 and onwards supports German and Japanese languages apart from English. By default, Splunk automatically uses the language that the user's browser is set to. To switch languages, either the browser's locale setting can be changed or for a given Splunk session it can be changed by modifying the URL that you use to access Splunk. For different languages use the URL as specified:

  1. German : http://<your_splunk_instance_address>/de-DE/app/BNW-app-powerconnect/

  2. Japanese: http://<your_splunk_instance_address>/ja-JP/app/BNW-app-powerconnect/

  3. American English: http://<your_splunk_instance_address>/en-US/app/BNW-app-powerconnect/

  4. British English: http://<your_splunk_instance_address>/en-GB/app/BNW-app-powerconnect/

  5. Korean: http://<your_splunk_instance_address>/ko-KR/app/BNW-app-powerconnect/ *(Replace the placeholder in the URL)

Note: In case the dashboard is not getting shown in the expected language after going to the appropriate URL, the user should clear the browser cache and refresh the dashboard.
Note: Description works for Splunk version 7.3.x and above
Reference: {*}{+}*

Optional Configuration (Macro):

Certain users/roles may not search the designated PowerConnect Splunk index by default. In order for saved searches to function properly, the “sap-index” macro may need to be set to specify the index for the SAP data sent to Splunk from PowerConnect.

  1. On Splunk's menu bar, Click on Settings -> “Advanced search” -> “Search Macros”.

  2. Click on the “sap-index” macro and mention the index name in the Definition where data is incoming. Please see the sample below:
                (index="main" OR index="sample1" OR index="sample2")
    Note: For selecting all value of an entity, "*" (asterisk) can be used. Logical operators like "AND", "OR" should be capitalized when used in Definition.

  3. Click on the Save Button.

Optional Configuration ( NIPING Utility for SAP system availability check ):

Follow the steps according to this page to set up and activate the NIPING functionality of PowerConnect:

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