Upgrade steps are described in the following KB: PowerConnect ABAP Support Pack 6.X to 7.0 Upgrade

!Important notes:

  • Authorization objects transport has been updated in this release. It needs to be reimported after upgrade.

  • User roles are updated in this release and should be re-imported after upgrade (added authorizations required for STATS and STMS extractors)

  • STATS extractor now has default filter entries delivered by BCSET (all subrecords are collected). Default entries are not active by default.



  • Adobe Document Service availability extractor (ADS_CHECK);

  • SRT Error Log extractor (SRT_LOG);

  • HANA config changes extractor (HDB_DBCC_INIHST) (Security);

  • HANA load history extractor (HDB_DBCC_LDHIST);

  • OS command changes extractor (SM69) (Security);

  • Material Documents extractor (MB51);

  • Sensitive User authorizations extractor (USER_AUTH) (Security);

  • Security baseline checks/extractor (RPF_CHECK) (Security);

  • SICF Public Services and Services with Logon Data extractor (SICFCHK) (Security);

  • HANA Replication State extractor (HDB_REPL_STATE);

  • ABAP Test Cockpit extractor (ATC);

  • SUIM Sensitive authorizations extractor (RSUSR009) (Security);

  • STMS Queue extractor (STMS_QUEUE);


  • STMS event subtype QUEUE is moved to separate extractor STMS_QUEUE;

  • RZ10 is now able to pull data from all application servers (Security);

  • SM51_STATE now has fields from SARFC tcode (ARFC resources check);

  • WE02 Status text is more specific;

  • SRT_MONI is now able to extract message payload;

  • All application log messages now have expiration date;

  • Possibility to define max event size (Splunk Cloud);

  • TREAD_DYN, OSQLSCRIPTS new variable ($yesterday);

  • SLG1 filter is enhancement with object text field;

  • SCOT extractor got new fields (server host, port, description);

  • SM37 is able to extract job variant data;

  • SU01 user roles and profiles extraction switched off by default (superseded by USER_AUTH extractor);

  • USH02 now extract data from all clients (Security);

  • SUIM performance improvements

  • Interface related advanced filters are moved/grouped in the menu Metric Filters->Interfaces:
    SM59 filter

Bug fixes

  • RSAU_CHECK status text missing method fix;

  • LOGS icm http log collection fix;

  • SM19 missing events fix;

  • ST05 missing events fix (timezone issue);

  • BD87_DYN filter duplicate segments fix;

  • SM59 connection test bug fix;

  • LTRC_CHECK dump bug fix;

  • TABLE_COUNT dump bug fix (SyBase/ASE);

  • SOST missing entries bug fix;

  • STATS missing sub-records bug fix;