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PowerConnect SP 7.01 Release notes (ABAP)


Upgrade steps are described in the following KB: PowerConnect ABAP Support Pack 6.X to 7.0 Upgrade

!Important notes:

  • Authorization objects transport has been updated in this release. It needs to be reimported after upgrade.

  • User roles are updated in this release and should be re-imported after upgrade (added authorizations required for STATS and STMS extractors)

  • STATS extractor now has default filter entries delivered by BCSET (all subrecords are collected). Default entries are not active by default.

!Important: Please import transport N71K905234 (applicable for SP 7.01 only) which contains bug fix for Application logs cannot be removal issue (program run step described in the KB is not required).

Known problems

  • LOGS extractor might cause metric collection problems. Please follow the KB after upgrade.



  • Adobe Document Service availability extractor (ADS_CHECK);

  • SRT Error Log extractor (SRT_LOG);

  • HANA config changes extractor (HDB_DBCC_INIHST) (Security);

  • HANA load history extractor (HDB_DBCC_LDHIST);

  • OS command changes extractor (SM69) (Security);

  • Material Documents extractor (MB51);

  • Sensitive User authorizations extractor (USER_AUTH) (Security);

  • Security baseline checks/extractor (RPF_CHECK) (Security);

  • SICF Public Services and Services with Logon Data extractor (SICFCHK) (Security);

  • HANA Replication State extractor (HDB_REPL_STATE);

  • ABAP Test Cockpit extractor (ATC);

  • SUIM Sensitive authorizations extractor (RSUSR009) (Security);

  • STMS Queue extractor (STMS_QUEUE);


  • STMS event subtype QUEUE is moved to separate extractor STMS_QUEUE;

  • RZ10 is now able to pull data from all application servers (Security);

  • SM51_STATE now has fields from SARFC tcode (ARFC resources check);

  • WE02 Status text is more specific;

  • SRT_MONI is now able to extract message payload;

  • All application log messages now have expiration date;

  • Possibility to define max event size (Splunk Cloud);

  • TREAD_DYN, OSQLSCRIPTS new variable ($yesterday);

  • SLG1 filter is enhancement with object text field;

  • SCOT extractor got new fields (server host, port, description);

  • SM37 is able to extract job variant data;

  • SU01 user roles and profiles extraction switched off by default (superseded by USER_AUTH extractor);

  • USH02 now extract data from all clients (Security);

  • SUIM performance improvements

  • Interface related advanced filters are moved/grouped in the menu Metric Filters->Interfaces:
    SM59 filter

Bug fixes

  • RSAU_CHECK status text missing method fix;

  • LOGS icm http log collection fix;

  • SM19 missing events fix;

  • ST05 missing events fix (timezone issue);

  • BD87_DYN filter duplicate segments fix;

  • SM59 connection test bug fix;

  • LTRC_CHECK dump bug fix;

  • TABLE_COUNT dump bug fix (SyBase/ASE);

  • SOST missing entries bug fix;

  • STATS missing sub-records bug fix;

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