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PowerConnect SP 7.02 Release notes (ABAP)


Upgrade steps are described in the following KB: PowerConnect ABAP Support Pack 6.X to 7.0 Upgrade

!Important notes:

  • User roles are updated in this release and should be re-imported after upgrade (added authorizations required for bgRFC extractors)

Known problems

  • HANA Load History extractor (HDB_DBCC_LDHIST): due to event timezone conversion issue, events might be shown in future on Splunk side (not specific to this release).

  • SAP Profile parameters extractor (RZ10) might fail in some cases (not specific to this release).



  • New Executable ALV Reports Output Extractor (ALV_REPORTS);

  • New bgRFC Monitor Extractor (SBGRFCMON);

  • New bgRFC Performance Monitor Extractor (SBGRFCPERFMON);

  • New SE16N Change document extrator Extractor (SE16N_CD);

  • New S416N Change document extrator Extractor (S416N_CD);

  • New Oracle DB IO Activities Extractor (ORA_DB02_IOACT);

  • New Manual FM Execution log Extractor (SE37_LOG);

  • New Inbound SMTP Send Requests Extractor (SOIN);

  • New User Trace for Authorization objects Extractor (STUSERTRACE);

  • New System Parameter Changes Extractor (TU02);


  • User authorizations extractor is now multi-client(USER_AUTH);

  • SAP Note status could be checked by Rule Processing Framework (RPF_CHECK);

  • ABAP dumps extractor has an option to pull only header info (ST22);

  • SXMB_MONI extractor filter got a sequence field to control priority (SXMB_MONI);

  • LOGS extractor filter now accepts <ANY> as a server to extract logs only once (LOGS);

  • E070 extractor is now pulling transport attributes (E070);

  • USER_AUTH enhanced with additional fields for authorizations (USER_AUTH);

  • HDBSCRIPTS supports variables in HDB timestamp format (HDBSCRIPTS);

  • SU53 extractor got new user type field and metric filter (SU53);

  • TREAD_DYN extractor can now map record time to the event time (TREAD_DYN);

  • ST06 related extractors now have detailed error messages (ST06);

  • Endpoint related configuration is now moved to endpoint level;

  • Field filter is reworked to include following field states: Clear value, Hash value, Remove field, Remove if empty, Filter value (regexp rule);

  • Field filter could be now backed up or synchronized;

  • Rule processing performance improvements;

Bug fixes

  • Application log removal issue bug fix;

  • BD87_DYN duplicate segment status fix;

  • TREAD_DYN filter foreign keys have been removed;

  • Various fixes for config synchronization functionality;

  • LOGS some files are not extracted bug fix;

  • LOGS extractor deadlock bug fix;

  • Json serializer NUC issue bug fix;

  • Rule processing file encoding bug fix;

  • Some extractors are now using runtime configuration instead of metric config;

  • RSICFCHK ICF service with Logon Data bug fix;

  • SM20 filter bug fix;

  • ORA_DB02_BCKP missing entries fix;

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