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SAP CPQ (Configure, Price, and Quote) is a cloud service which helps sales representatives to configure products, apply pricing and generate quotes. SAP CPQ is part of the SAP Sales Cloud portfolio. The PowerConnect Cloud CPQ Input monitors CPQ health, integration events and user audit trail activities for operational, security and business analytics use cases.

Data Collected

CPQ Events

CPQ User Audit logs

APIs Used


Generally Available


The PowerConnect Cloud CPQ input requires API access using OAuth basic auth flow to the CPQ APIs.

Create an API user

  • Contact your SAP CPQ representative to get the following details:

    • API Username

    • API Password

    • CPQ Domain

    • CPQ Tenant URL

    • CPQ Token URL

Adding a CPQ Input in PowerConnect Cloud

  • Login to the PowerConnect Cloud web UI

  • Click on the Inputs link in the menu bar

  • Click the + button to add a new Input

  • Under Platform choose Sales Cloud

  • Under Input Type choose event-log

  • Fill out the details using the information obtained from your SAP CPQ representative above. Note the System ID value is mapped to the source field in Splunk

    • The page size sets the maximum number of records that will be returned per poll of the API

  • Click Save

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