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Start & Stop PowerConnect Java agent (PowerConnect Java - All Versions)

When ever a new license is installed, or if you need to restart the agent it can be stopped using /nwa or via Telnet.

NetWeaver Administrator

Open a browser and navigate to the NetWeaver Administrator page http://<serverhost>:<port>/nwa

Open the Start & Stop Java Applications View

Search for application vendor powerconnect

Stop applications in this order

  1. spcj_wd

  2. spcj_app

1-2 mins later it will say stopped.

Start the applications in this order

  1. spcj_app

  2. spcj_wd


This provides an alternative way to restart the PowerConnect Java agent.

Log in to the J2EE via telnet.

Check the node list

jump <ID of problematic server node>

Using following command to display the applications
To get the status of a PowerConnect application
list_app|grep -i power

To get all references for this application
app_refs_graph <app_name>

Then you may start or stop instance with following command, stop and start in the order shown below.

stop_app com.powerconnect5/spcj_wd

stop_app com.powerconnect5/spcj_app

Start is again with start_app command

start_app com.powerconnect5/spcj_wd

start_app com.powerconnect5/spcj_app

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