In case you need to uninstall your PowerConnect Java Application, you need to know that this is possible using a Telnet connection. So please ensure having a Telnet client and the ability to actually open a connection with it. Then follow these steps:

  • Logon the local system

  • Start Telnet Client

  • Connect to localhost or using port 50008

  • Login using a user account with undeploy permissions. This could be administrator.

  • Remove the PowerConnect Java App by issuing three undeploy commands. Please use the correct order!

  • Undeploy the SAP PowerConnect Java UI using the command “undeploy vendor=com.powerconnect5 name=spcj_wd

  • Undeploy the SAP PowerConnect Java App using the command “undeploy vendor=com.powerconnect5 name=spcj_app

  • Undeploy the SAP PowerConnect database contents using the command “undeploy vendor=com.powerconnect5 name=spcj_db

After that PowerConnect is fully removed from your SAP NetWeaver AS Java instance.