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Upgrade via Telnet (PowerConnect Java - All versions)

The PowerConnect Java agent consists of three components:

  1. spcj_wd - this is the Web Dynpro UI that let's us configure the agent

  2. spcj_app - this is the Agent component responsible for collecting events and metrics

  3. spcj_db - this is a data dictionary that lets the agent and ui interact with the database for storing and reading configuration info etc.

In order to upgrade the PowerConnect Java agent without losing the configuration do the following:

  • Connect to the target system using telnet e.g. telnet localhost 50008

  • Login as a user with administrator permissions

  • Add the deployment commands - add deploy

  • Undeploy the spcj_wd component: undeploy name=spcj_wd vendor=com.powerconnect5

  • Undeploy the spcj_app component: undeploy name=spcj_app vendor=com.powerconnect5

  • Now deploy the new PowerConnect Java SCA file: deploy <path_to_sca>

Notice we did not undeploy the spcj_db component, this means the configuration is left in tact. We get a successful response and a note that the spcj_db is already deployed

  • We can now access the updated version of PowerConnect Java

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