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Configuring Splunk Observability Cloud Connection in PowerConnect

Configuring Splunk Observability Cloud Connection in PowerConnect

Category: Information

Priority: Normal

Platform: ABAP

Version: 1 from 01.07.2024


Starting from PowerConnect 8.02, it is possible to send OpenTelemetry traces to Splunk Observability Cloud. At the moment it requires NW 7.50+ or S/4HANA platforms to collect necessary data.

!Please note, that Splunk Observability Cloud does not accept OpenTelemetry Logs/Events, thus this connection will only send traces. In order to receive regular events Splunk Enterprise/Splunk Cloud is required. In order to route logs to Log endpoints and Traces to trace endpoints manual filter setup is required.

Please ensure all endpoints have appropriate filters assigned as described below.

Following steps needs to be performed to get it setup:

  1. Upload Splunk Observability certificate into STRUST.

  2. Administrator->Connection Setup->Upload Scheme

  3. On the right side of the screen press Create Splunk Obs. endpoint

  4. Populate connection details


  5. Check the connection


    In case error message is shown, troubleshooting might be required to ensure outbound connectivity is allowed and SSL is setup properly.

  6. Define Group Def uploading filters to create ZTRACE_ONLY and ZLOGS_ONLY filters

  7. Drag and drop the endpoint from the right side of the screen to the Default Scheme node on left side of the screen. Set the Active flag and populate the filter as shown below:


  8. Double-click on all existing Log endpoints and assign the ZLOGS_ONLY filter to filter out trace data


    Filter definition is mandatory!

  9. Confirm the dialog and Save changes.

  10. Activate STATS_TRACE extractor in Administrator->Setup Group Def menu option as described here:

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