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Installation of PowerConnect Extension for Dynatrace

Extension Capabilities: Managed vs Saas


  • Install the PowerConnect ABAP, Java, or Cloud add-on in the required SAP systems.

  • Configure your SAP environment to send data to Dynatrace by following the instructions in each of the provided guides.

Installation Guide

  1. Go to the Dynatrace Hub.

  2. Search for “PowerConnect”

  3. Click “Set Up” at the bottom right corner.

  4. Once the PowerConnect add-on for SAP is sending data to your Dynatrace environment, the extension should automatically begin generating entities and metrics!

Post-Installation Configuration (Managed/On-Prem Only)

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Under Log Monitoring, click on “Custom Attributes”

  3. Add the following custom attributes and click “Save Changes”:

    • alglterm_is_not_null_or_empty

    • alguser_is_not_null_or_empty

    • cccoractiv_is_null_or_empty

    • entity_type_is_null_or_empty

    • filter

    • jobname_is_not_null_or_empty

    • lock_state_is_not_null_or_empty

    • nriv_current_level_not_zero

    • older_than_24h

    • sm04_user_sessions_condition

    • sod_violation

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