The Lookups need to be populated with the event data. This step is required to be performed only once as there are separate savedsearches scheduled to run every hour for appending new items to existing lookups from new events and for some cases it’s only to populate static data in the lookup for once only. There are two ways to complete this step:

  1. Open the dashboard “Wizard for New SAP SIDs and Instances Discovery” under PowerConnect > Wizard menu.

    1. Select the checkbox corresponding to the savedsearches name and click on the “Run Searches” button.

    2. The status of the search would get updated in the Status column of the table and the user can view the search results once the search has completed by clicking in the table cell.

    3. The step would be complete when all the searches specified in the table have completed execution successfully with the exception of “Cloud CPI Source - Lookup Gen - Run Once Only” search.

    4. These searches should only be run if the user wants to use the “SAP Cloud - CPI Message Monitoring”, “SAP Cloud - API Management Monitoring” and “Success Factor Monitoring Dashboard” dashboards respectively .

  2. On Splunk's menu bar, Click on Settings -> “Searches, reports, and alerts” and manually run all the saved searches with the suffix ” – Run Once Only”. In case of a large number of events, if saved search execution does not get completed, try to reduce the time range and populate the lookups.

Configuration is now finished for the Splunk app.

Note: If you are using SAP Cloud or want to change app language to German or Japanese; kindly follow the optional Post Installation Configuration