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Release Notes for Splunk App v6.7.0

Release Date

18th Oct 2021

Install Steps

PowerConnect Splunk App Installation

Upgrade Steps

PowerConnect Splunk App Upgrade

Release Notes


Wizard for OOTB Alerts
PowerConnect Change Logs
PowerConnect Data Meter (ABAP)
SQL Code Analysis Overview
SQL Code Analysis Details
ST05 Performance Metrics
Monitor for Processed XML Messages (SXMB_MONI)
NetWeaver Java: Message Server
NetWeaver Java: Task Monitoring
NetWeaver Java: MPI Buffer Stats
Java Agent Health
SAP Cloud - API Management Monitoring
SAP Cloud Connector
SAP Cloud - Audit Logs
Success Factor Monitoring Dashboard
Basis Health Checks ( Dashboard studio )


Landscape Overview
PowerConnect Health
ABAP Dumps
Batch jobs
BPM IDOC To Business Object Relationship
Outbound Delivery Monitor
NetWeaver Java Web Sessions
NetWeaver Java: Locks
Setup Page
Other minor improvements

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