Release Version


Release Date

25th July, 2022

Install Steps

PowerConnect Splunk App Installation

Upgrade Steps

PowerConnect Splunk App Upgrade

Release Notes


  • ADDED! Security EVENT_TYPEs for ABAP data now map to Splunk’s Common Information Model

  • System Overview (7.x)

  • SAP Fiori: ODATA Metering Trace

  • SAP Fiori: SAP Gateway Statistics

  • Sensitive Authorization

  • File System

  • Audit Integrity Check

  • Spool Content

  • Output Device Status

  • Alert Details

  • User Change Log

  • Event Analytics

  • Smart Business KPI

  • HANA: Backup Overview Dashboard

  • Event type, Dashboard, Menu Mapping

  • PowerConnect Resource Utilization

  • PI/PO Adapter Engine Queues

  • HANA: Large Table Details

  • HANA: Large Table Overview

  • Capacity Management Information System

  • Spool Information

  • HANA: SQL Plan Statistics

  • Authorization Data Overview (SU53)

  • Login Failure

  • HANA: Disk Overview

  • Weekly Usage Statistics

  • SMLG Details

  • STATS Details

  • STATS Overview

  • Fiori Statistics Overview

  • Fiori Statistics Details


  • Spool Monitoring

  • Alert Definition

  • User Password Status

  • System Overview

  • Authorization Data Details (SU53)

  • SM20 Audit Logs

  • SAP OS Memory (ST06)

  • HANA: Alert Details

  • PowerConnect Troubleshooting Dashboard

  • IDOC Status for WE02

  • SAP Landscape Analysis

Bug fixes

Known Issues

  • The dashboard title “SM21 Locks” found under the “SAP Performance” menu should read “SM12 Locks.”

    • Rename this dashboard like you would any Splunk dashboard.

  • User filter not working for the Fiori Statistics Details Dashboard—see KB here.

  • “Overall Statistics” panel of STATS Details dashboard will not show any data for some systems due to a missing field in the source data—see KB here.

  • Built-in NIPING data collection tool will not send data to Splunk due to a deprecated function in the Python code—see KB here.

  • Availability panel in System Overview dashboards populates incorrect information—see KB here.

  • For Splunk Cloud customers running PowerConnect Splunk app versions 7.0.0-7.2.0, please refer to Knowledge Base #173 to address a bug specific to Splunk Cloud that may prevent the Master Inventory Lookup (and potentially other KVstore-based lookups) from generating properly.