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Release Notes for Splunk App v7.3.0

Release Version


Release Date

July 14th, 2023

Install Steps

PowerConnect Splunk App Installation

Upgrade Steps

PowerConnect Splunk App Upgrade

Release Notes


  • "SAP Security Landscape (Concept)" under "SAP Security" menu.

  • "SWPR - Workflow After Restart" under "SAP Performance" -> "Workflow" menu.

  • "USR009 - Users with Critical Authorizations" under "SAP Security" -> "Authorization" menu.

  • "SE16 Table Browser - Change Documents" under "SAP Security" -> "System Security" menu.

  • "FRE_UI Analysis" under "SAP Business Process" menu.

  • "Security Monitoring" under "SAP Cloud" -> "Ariba" menu.

  • "Process Monitoring" under "SAP Cloud" -> "SuccessFactors" menu.

  • "Onboarding Process Monitoring" under "SAP Cloud" -> "SuccessFactors" menu.

  • "Payroll Monitoring" under "SAP Cloud" -> "SuccessFactors" menu.

  • "Security Monitoring" under "SAP Cloud" -> "SuccessFactors" menu.

  • "Overview" under "SAP Cloud" -> "CPQ" menu.

  • The following panels have received integration for the alerting framework: 

    • tRFC Monitor (SM58) 

      • Count by Function Module 

    • Transports Overview 

      • Segregation of Duty (SOD) Violations 

    • qRFC Monitor 

      • qRFC Failures Count Timeline 

    • Java Systems Overview 

      • System Problems 

      • CPU Utilization 

      • Memory Utilization 

      • GC Problems 


  • "SAP Notes Implementation (SNOTE)"

    • Filters for Processing Status and Implementation Status have been added.

    • Optimized dashboard panels to run from a single search.

    • Improved readability.

  • "SAP Security Notes"

    • Revised color-coding

  • "HANA Config (INI) Change"

    • Source dropdown fixed to show only HANA-based systems.

  • "HANA DB Load History"

    • Source dropdown fixed to show only HANA-based systems.

  • "SAP Security Scorecard"

    • Fixed debug mode count.

  • "UME for ABAP"

    • Added counter and drilldown panel for potential duplicate accounts.

  • "Transport Overview"

    • Added Segregation-of-Duty (SOD) violations counter.

    • Revised queries for import warning and import error panels.

  • "Transport Details"

    • Added toggle for showing SOD violations only.

  • "SAP Security Essentials"

    • Enhanced File Downloads panel with full timestamp, tcode, and report name data.

    • Updated panels with USER_AUTH event type.

  • "IDoc Status for WE02 Details"

    • Added instructions for drilldowns.

  • "Fiori Statistics Overview"

    • Added in new field names due to extractor changes.

  • "Fiori Statistics Details"

    • Added in new field names due to extractor changes.

  • "qRFC Monitor"

    • Added filter for queue name.

  • "PowerConnect Data Meter (ABAP)"

    • Fixed missing time range tokens.

  • "Rule Processing Framework"

    • Realigned table columns for readability.

  • "System Overview (7.x)"

    • Realigned Work Process panel titles.

  • "Authorization Data Overview (SU53)"

    • Fixed missing fields in drilldown.

  • The following alerting framework panel integrations have been updated:

    • Background Jobs Overview

      • Appserver statistics

    • SAP Security Scorecard

      • Users having excessive rights

      • Users with sensitive authorizations

      • Users with sensitive roles

    • SAP Security Essentials

      • Users with admin profiles

      • Users with sensitive roles

      • Users with sensitive auth objects

    • IDOC Segments Overview

      • Segment Details for IDOC-$tkn_idoc_num_drilldown$

Additional App Updates

  • Cleaned up test data.

  • Multiple minor bugs fixed.

  • Missing library file added.

  • Source lookups and corresponding generator searches added for SAP Cloud Ariba and CPQ products.

  • SuccessFactors nomenclature across the app.

  • New CIM Mappings: SM69, SE37, STMS_TPLOG

  • Setup page now skips niping setup and redirects to "Wizard for New SAP SIDs and Instances Discovery"

  • Extractor Status has been moved slightly, and no longer has scaling glitches when zooming the dashboard.

Known Issues

  • The Alerting Framework may not update with the newest searches. A workaround search can be performed to update this manually. See Knowledge Base #181 on a workaround for enabling new content.

  • Spool Information – Spool count is inaccurate.

  • Spool Monitoring – No value shown on Printing Performance chart.

  • System Overview (7.x) – Concurrent Logins not shown.

  • For Splunk Cloud customers running PowerConnect Splunk app versions 7.0.0-7.3.0, please refer to Knowledge Base #173 to address a bug specific to Splunk Cloud that may prevent the Master Inventory Lookup (and potentially other KVstore-based lookups) from generating properly.

  • The File System dashboard’s SAP Instance input does not filter the results of the main panel. A fix can be found in KB 188 - Instance filter non-functional in Splunk File System dashboard

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