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Release Notes for Splunk App v8.1.0

Release Version


Release Date

April 1st, 2024

Install Steps

PowerConnect Splunk App Installation

Upgrade Steps

PowerConnect Splunk App Upgrade

Release Notes


  • Added the following new dashboards: 

    • "System Changes Overview" under the "SAP Security" -> "System Security" menu. 

    • "System Time Monitor" under the "SAP Performance" -> "App Server Monitoring" menu. 

    • "Web Services Monitor" under the "SAP Interfaces" menu. 

    • "SAP Table Reader" under the "SAP Business Process" menu. 

    • "SAP Cloud Foundry Syslog" under the "SAP Cloud" -> "BTP" menu. 

    • "SAP Analytics Cloud - User Activity" under the "SAP Cloud" -> "Analytics" menu. 

    • "Java PI - ABAP Correlation" under the "SAP Java" -> "PI/PO" menu. 


  • Updated the following dashboards: 

    • "System Overview" (formerly "System Overview (7.x)") 

      • Title has been updated. 

    • "SAP Landscape Overview" 

      • Tokens corrected for multiselect. 

    • "JVM Overview" 

      • Optimized for better performance. 

    • "STATS End User Monitoring" 

      • The dialog step response breakdown bar chart has been swapped with a waterfall panel. No specific ordering is implied by the arrangement of data in the panel. 

    • "SAP Security Landscape" 

      • The system role token has been fixed. 

    • "SAP Ariba - Security Monitoring" 

      • New panels and navigation have been added. 

    • "tRFC Monitor (SM58)" 

      • Fixed the dropdown timerange. 

    • "PI/PO Messages" 

      • Fixed the error status for the error count panel. 

    • "Security Monitring" under "SAP Cloud" -> "SuccessFactors" menu 

      • Fixed the base search. 

    • “SAP Logs Search” 

      • Fixed the app server and time tokens. 

    • “Spool Information” 

      • Fixed aggregation and validated data. 

    • “Spool Monitoring” 

      • Fixed aggregation and validated data. 

      • Clarified titles. 

  • Dashboards specific to app server performance have been moved to the "App Server Monitoring" menu under "SAP Performance." 

  • A stanza name error in the tags.conf file for the STRUST_HISTORY event type has been fixed. 

  • Legacy "System Overview" dashboard has been hidden from the nav. 

Known Issues

All issues shown below have been addressed in the 8.1.1 release of the PowerConnect Splunk app. All issues without a KB article can be resolved by upgrading to version 8.1.1.
  • The Application Servers Overview dashboard has a bug that prevents some data from being displayed on the main panel. A fix can be found here: KB 199 - Application Servers Overview Error.

  • The System dropdown for Database or SAP Cloud dashboards may not populate due to a Splunk bug affecting a search macro. More information and a fix can be found here: KB 202 - System dropdown not populating in database or cloud dashboards.

  • The Monitor for Processed XML Messages (SXMB_MONI) encounters an error when trying to display formatted logs.

  • The SAP Cloud - Audit Logs view has a search error in its system dropdown.

  • The Data Intelligence overview does not populate the system dropdown.

  • The RFC Connection Status panel for latest count of connection errors does not select the appropriate timestamp.

  • Both the Web Services Error Log (SRT_LOG) view and the Web Service Message Monitor (SRT_MONI) view have an error in their system dropdown.

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