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Release Notes for Splunk App v8.2.0

Release Version


Release Date

July 1st, 2024

Install Steps

PowerConnect Splunk App Installation

Upgrade Steps

PowerConnect Splunk App Upgrade

Release Notes


  • "Change Audit" under the "SAP Cloud" > "SuccessFactors" menu. 

  • "SAP FieldGlass Overview" under the "SAP Cloud" > "FieldGlass" menu. 

  • "PowerConnect Cloud Agent Health" under the "SAP Cloud" menu. 

  • "PowerConnect Dashboard Checker" under the "Help" menu. 


  • Updated/Fixed the following dashboards: 

    • "Application Servers Overview" 

      • Fixed app server drilldown. 

    • "Event type, Dashboard, Menu Mapping" 

      • Removed erroneous grouping of STAD in sankey diagram. 

    • "HANA: Alert Details (Current)" 

      • Category input now accepts partial strings. 

    • "ICM Monitoring Dashboard" 

      • Added timechart span token to panels missing this token. 

    • "IDOC Degments Overview" 

      • Basic type and Message type inputs now accept partial strings. 

    • "Monitor for Processed XML Messages (SXMB_MONI)" 

      • Re-labeled "Component" input to "Target System" 

    • "Oracle: Expensive Statements (raw)" 

      • SAP System input should now only show systems with an Oracle DB. 

    • "PI/PO Messages" 

      • Fixed drilldown for error message count. 

    • "PI/PO Performance Monitoring" 

      • Removed broken drilldown for Measuring Points panel. 

    • "PowerConnect Resource Utilization" 

      • Summary metrics at top of dashboard have been fixed (corrected token references). 

    • "qRFC Monitor" 

      • Fixed qRFC counts (using distinct count of FIRSTTID instead of normal count). 

    • "SAP Cloud - Audit Logs" 

      • Queries rewritten for message searching. 

    • "SAP Cloud - CPI Message Monitoring" 

      • Log query rewritten. 

    • "Audited Logins" 

      • Fixed panel title for "Successful Logins." 

    • "SAP CCMS" 

      • Added wildcard default for path input. 

    • "SAP Security Scorecard" 

      • All panels using the newer USER_AUTH event type no longer reference previous event types. 

      • Drilldowns for USER_AUTH panels now match summaries shown in dashboard. 

    • "Work Processes Overview" 

      • Backend fixes allow dashboard to accept drilldowns that specify a work process type. 

    • "SAP Landscape Analysis" 

      • Drilldown references to legacy system overview now direct to new system overview. 

    • "Landscape Overview" 

      • Drilldown reference to legacy qRFC monitoring now directs to new qRFC monitoring. 

      • Java landscape overview now using optimized search from JVM overview. 

    • "SAP Logs Search" 

      • Fixed path searching. 

    • "Security Monitoring" (SuccessFactors) 

      • Rewritten with new content and tabbed interface. 

    • "System Overview" 

      • qRFC count drilldown now directs to newer qRFC Monitor dashboard. 

    • "Weekly Usage Statistics" 

      • Fixed query syntax for background jobs panel. 

    • "Spool Information" 

      • Fixed misspellings of "Unknown." 

    • "SAP Read Access Login (SRAL)" 

      • SAP System input now shows all ABAP systems. 

    • "HTTP Client Profile" 

      • SAP System input now shows all ABAP systems. 

    • "HTTP Server Profile" 

      • SAP System input now shows all ABAP systems. 

    • "RFC Client Profile" 

      • SAP System input now shows all ABAP systems. 

    • "RFC Server Profile" 

      • SAP System input now shows all ABAP systems. 

    • "ST03 - User Profile" 

      • SAP System input now shows all ABAP systems. 

    • "ST05 Performance Metrics" 

      • SAP System input now shows all ABAP systems. 

    • "STATS Details" 

      • User, transaction, and program name inputs now accept partial strings. 

    • "Certificate Status - STRUST" 

      • Corrected thresholds for certificate expiration categories. 

    • "System Availability Details" 

      • User interface fixes. 

      • CCMS displays no longer show a small amount of downtime by default. 

    • "Transport Details" 

      • Corrected fields for transport creator and importer. 

    • "tRFC Monitor (SM58)" 

      • Transaction ID input now accepts partial strings. 

    • "Sensitive User Authorizations" 

      • Clarified panel labels. 

    • "Work Proccess Detailed Analysis" 

      • Fixed SAP Instance input. 

  • Added a CIM mapping tag for the cp_audit_log event type in the Authentication model. 

  • The saved search "landscape_overview_lookup_clean" has been fixed to perform its function of cleaning up the kv-store based "landscape_overview_summary_lookup." 

  • The SAP Systems Lookup Generator saved search no longer creates blank entries for app server instances. 

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