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Runtime Artifacts


The SAP CPI Runtime Artifacts Input collects the status and deployment details of various CPI artifacts including Integration Flows.

Data Collected

SAP CPI Runtime Artifacts collects the follow details about each artififact deployed on a SAP CPI tenancy:

  • Name - Name of the artifact

  • ID - The unique id of the artifact

  • Deployed By - The user who deployed the artifact

  • Deployed On - The date and time the artifact was deployed

  • Status - The status of the artifacted (started, failed etc.)

  • Type - The type of artifact (e.g. INTEGRATION_FLOW)

  • Version - The artifact version




Adding a CPI Runtime Artifact Input in PowerConnect Cloud

  • Login to the PowerConnect Cloud web UI

  • Click on the Inputs link in the menu bar

  • Click the + button to add a new Input

  • Choose CF or Neo depending on the platform your SAP CPI tenant is running on

  • Choose runtime-artifacts under sap-cpi


  • Fill in the form with the details from the previous section when creating the PowerConnect OAuth client (client id, client secret and token url).


  • Choose the Output you wish to send the CPI Runtime Artifact data to

  • Click Save

  • The Input is now created

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