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PowerConnect Java 8.1.0 Release Notes


PowerConnect for Java 8.1.0 release. Install the SCA package using SUM or telnet.

Version 7.x and 8.x only supports SAP Netweaver 7.5 systems. For older versions of SAP Netweaver please use version 6.9.0.


  • Added passport and passport_tid fields to PO messages - allows for easier correlation between PO systems and external systems such as ABAP

  • Added extended Distributed Statistics Records (DSR) monitoring to include external calls and passport data - can now track external calls and associated passport identifiers for correlation and transaction tracing

  • Added SAP Central Services Gateway server log support - KB details are here: Gateway Server Logs

  • Added Privileged Action framework - JMX based extractors and the certificate extractor now uses the privileged actions framework by default rather than the SAP P4 client. This reduces the number of cluster communication calls and solves a long standing issue with the SAP P4 client where it loses auth occassionally and runs as Guest user causing an exception to be written to the log

  • Added scheduler shutdown timeout - a timeout can now be configured (default 60 seconds) for the agent to shutdown, if this timeout elapses the scheduler jobs are forcibly terminated. This helps in scenarios where an extractor is taking a long time to run and the agent would normally wait for the extractor to complete before shutting down.

  • Added safe mode - If flag is set then scheduler and logfile inputs are not started. This feature is useful in situations where too many extractors have been turned on and you need to modify the configuration of the agent without starting the extractors. KB details are here: KB 198 - Starting the PowerConnect Java Agent in Safe Mode

  • Added extractor cpu metric - every extractor now measures its own cpu overhead (cpu milliseconds). This is reported in the agent health metrics.

  • Added Host level scheduling - all SAP control extractors i.e. component, process, ejb, cache, web sessions now run only on one node (server0 by default) on a host. This reduces data volume and overhead in SAP deployments where multiple JVM nodes are running on a host. KB details are here: KB 200 - PowerConnect Java Agent Host Level Scheduling Support


  • Changed installation number retrieval mechanism so it does not require authentication

  • Upgraded UI5 to latest version - look and feel has been updated

  • Upgraded JNA library to latest version

  • Cache sap control wsdl to improve cpu overhead when calling sap control web service

  • Improved efficiency of log transform functions

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue in PO web service component where multithreaded access (scheduler task threads has been set to more than 1) to web service can cause errors

  • Fixed issue in po logged payload collection where if no version was specified would default to version 0 as long instead of integer

  • Fixed issue with log extraction and slow disks - in certain scenarios where the SAP Netweaver Java system is using a disk with low IOPS e.g. EBS the log extractors could sometimes collect duplicate logs due to there being a lag between the operating system updating the file modified time and the contents of the log being flushed to disk. This has been fixed.

Known Issues

  • None

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