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PowerConnect SP 7.03 Release notes (ABAP)


Upgrade steps are described in the following KB:

!Important notes:

  • User roles are updated in this release and should be re-imported after upgrade

Known problems




  • ST06 Hardware info is now pulled for any OS (ST06_HW);

  • ST10 is now able to pull data for all applications servers;

  • Control panel: added a check for allowed user types during job scheduling;

  • Control panel: added a search-help for user selection during job scheduling;

  • Control panel: Log Level fields are greyed out in case of read-only access;

  • PowerConnect application log removal could be triggered from Goto menu option;

  • STATS events now support milliseconds;

  • CDPOS extractor got an option to pull only header information;

  • SU01 enhanced to pull user address data (configurable);

  • SU01 performance improvements;

  • SMICM extractor enhanced with ‘Monitor Info’ field to show an additional information about connection;

  • SXMB_MONI performance improvements;

  • SXMB_MONI got a possibility to filter XML content according to user input;

  • SM04 enhanced with user login time information;

  • SLG1 enhanced to pull message context data based on user input;

  • SLG1 is now able to pull Transaction ID to correlate the data with STATS (S/4HAHA 2022);

  • SUIM enhanced with role type field for role related events;

  • HANA record locks extractor is now pulling only aggregated data (HDB_DBCC_RECLOCK);

  • SM37 enhanced to pull also job step user type;

  • RZ10 enhanced with additional value sources;

  • STAD got new filter maintenance dialog, which provides more options for filtering;

  • DEVACCESS is now able to determine developers based on assigned authorizations;

  • New Extractor collection interval is applied immediately after the change;

  • EVENT_TYPE maximum length is increased to 20, EVENT_SUBTYPE max length is 40;

  • HDB_DBCC_BCCAT enhanced to pull log backup information;

  • S416N_CHDOC/SE16N_CHDOC enhanced with event time;

  • ALV_REPORTS got additional authority check in place for SA38/SE38;

  • SCU3 enhanced to support wildcards for the user input;

  • SM20 now supports new DB source (S/4HAHA 2022);

  • SM20 enhanced to pull Transaction ID field to correlate with STATS (S/4HAHA 2022);

Bug fixes

  • BgRFC extractor bug fixes (BGRFC_MON, BGRFC_PERFMON);

  • LTRC_CHECK extractor bug fixes;

  • SP01_CONTENT Spool limit bug fix;

  • SM37 Spool limit bug fix;

  • SM59 filter read-only mode fix;

  • SXMB_MONI filter read-only mode fix;

  • SXMB_MONI missing document payload fix;

  • SICFCHK missing created/changed user details fix;

  • Missing Application log setup (SLG0) fix;

  • USER_AUTH dump fix;

  • DB6_DB02_STMT bug fix for NW 7.31 systems;

  • SM19 warning fix (warning might be visible in SM21 log);

  • HDB_DBCC_LDHIST timezone conversion issue bug fix;

  • RZ10 duplicate entries dump;

  • SM37 job variants are now extracted for started, finished and cancelled jobs only;

  • SE16N_CD bug fix to remove garbage characters in the output

  • S416N_CD bug fix to remove garbage characters in the output

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