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PowerConnect SP 8.01 Release notes (ABAP)


Upgrade steps are described in the following KB: Upgrading PowerConnect ABAP 8.X to latest release

!Important notes:

  • Please perform Metric queue cleanup step before the upgrade

  • Authorization objects are updated in this release, auth transport needs to be re-imported after the upgrade

Known problems




  • LTRC: Enhance to use S/4HANA logic (CDS view based)

  • SCU3: performance improvements

  • STRUST: is now able to collect client dependent certificates

  • LOGS: is now able to parse the DEFAULT HTTP format

  • LOGS: DIR_LOGGING is added into the filter as default path for data collection

  • HDB_DBCC_SQLPL: HDB SQL Plan cache extractor can pull delta data based on execution time

  • SM37: filter priority is determined based on the job name pattern length

  • ST13_TBI: new variables, which could be defined in the filter

  • AL11: is enhanced to recursively check child folders

  • OSQLSCRIPTS: max run interval is increased to match group definition max interval (x15 multiplier)

  • SM51_QUEUE: is enhanced with additional fields (average load)

  • GRC_LOGS: enhanced with additional text fields from GRC request

  • BGRFC_MON: added filter functionality to restrict the data

  • ST22: added functionality to send dump info texts in another subgroup

  • STATS: filter is enhanced with priority field

  • STAD: filter is enhanced with priority field

  • SM59: filter changes are now recorded as part of PowerConnect audit log

  • SLM configuration changes are now recorded as part of PowerConnect audit log

  • Popup is now shown for inline parameters in all filter dialogs for SQL Scripts extractors

Bug fixes

  • Group definition filtering issue fix

  • TABLE_COUNT query bug fix (Sybase)

  • SU01 address flag bug fixes

  • SU01 duplicated users bug fix

  • ST03_TIME/ST03_TIME_TOT incorrect numbers bug fix

  • STRUST_HISTORY missing timestamp for deleted PSEs bug fix

  • Metric Collector Gen3 job task data cleanup bug fix

  • RZ10 dynamic value missing bug fix

  • HDB_REPL_STATE secondary connection bug fix

  • Obfuscation Ruleset match issue bug fix

  • BPM_EWM_SMQ error logs when the extractor is not supported fix

  • AIF_ERROR long field names issue fix

  • TREAD_DYN date/timestamp delta is now accepted if no conditions are defined

  • SM59_RFCDES: missing RFC name bug fix

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