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Release Notes for Splunk App v8.0.1

Release Version


Release Date

December 8th, 2023

Install Steps

PowerConnect Splunk App Installation

Upgrade Steps

PowerConnect Splunk App Upgrade

Release Notes


  • "SAP Data Intelligence Overview" under "SAP Cloud" -> "Data Intelligence" menu. 

  • "Synthetics Monitoring" under "SAP Cloud" menu. 

  • "SAP Cloud - Estimated Billing" under "SAP Cloud" menu. 

  • "HANA: Locks" under "Database" -> "HANA" menu. 

  • "HANA: Blocked Transactions" under "Database" -> "HANA" menu. 

  • "SAP Security Notes (Solution Manager)" under "SAP Security" -> "System Security" menu. 

  • "Certificate Change History" under "SAP Security" -> "System Security" menu. 


  • All dashboards have received compatibility updates with the new SAP Systems Lookup. 

  • "Wizard for NEW SAP SIDs and Instances Discovery" 

    • Overhauled for new SAP Systems Lookup. 

    • Legacy interface retained. 

  • "File System" 

    • Updated aggregation. 

  • "Monitor for Processed XML Messages (SXMB_MONI)" 

    • Added drilldown and filtering for parent document. 

  • "SAP Security Essentials" 

    • New way of filtering privileged users. 

    • Privileged account login changed to track dialog logins. 

    • Open client and namespace panels changed to latest snapshot. 

  • "System Overview (7.x)" 

    • Drilldowns improved. 

  • "System Availability Details" 

    • Dashboard overhauled to distinguish between availability measures: 

      • PowerConnect data stream 

      • CCMS availability 

      • NIPING availability (requires standalone NIPING tool) 

Additional App Updates

  • The Master Inventory Lookup has been replaced with a new SAP Systems Lookup. 

    • Consolidates all sources across ABAP, JAVA, and SAP Cloud. 

    • The old lookup remains for legacy compatibility of custom content. 

    • A new generator search has been added. 

    • All dashboards have received compatibility updates. 

  • CIM Mapping adds STRUST_HISTORY event type under "Change" -> "All Changes" data model. 

  • Generator search added for SAP Systems Lookup. 

Known Issues

  • The Alerting Framework may not update with the newest searches. A workaround search can be performed to update this manually. See Knowledge Base #181 on a workaround for enabling new content.

  • Spool Information – Spool count is inaccurate.

  • Spool Monitoring – No value shown on Printing Performance chart.

  • System Overview (7.x) – Concurrent Logins not shown.

  • SAP Logs Search - Dashboard does not populate data due to a token error. See KB #194 to apply a fix for this issue.

  • Database, Cloud, and Java Dashboards - System dropdown may not populate sources due to a macro issue. See KB #195 for a fix.

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