Prior to SAP migrations (Netweaver → S/4 HANA) or major upgrades (S/4 1605 → S/4 1909), please follow the steps below:

  1. Upgrade PowerConnect to the latest version using the following guide: Upgrading PowerConnect ABAP Agent 6.X to latest release.

  2. Confirm whether an ACP file needs to be applied, and if applicable obtain the ACP file from the following link: ABAP Support Matrix. If applicable, apply the ACP file using the following KB article: KB 121 - Apply Attribute Change Package.

  3. Upgrade or migrate the SAP system.

(Optional) If migrating from ECC → S/4 also complete the following steps:

  1. Export PowerConnect configuration according to KB 148 - Export/Import PowerConnect configurations

  2. Uninstall PowerConnect

  3. Reinstall latest S/4 compatible PowerConnect version

  4. Restore PowerConnect configuration using KB 148 - Export/Import PowerConnect configurations