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Release Notes for Splunk App v7.2.0

Release Version


Release Date

March 1st, 2023

Install Steps

PowerConnect Splunk App Installation

Upgrade Steps

PowerConnect Splunk App Upgrade

Release Notes


  • "SAP ALV Reports Output" under "SAP Business Process" menu.

  • "tRFC Monitor (SM58)" under "SAP Interfaces" menu.

  • "Dashboard Analysis" under "PowerConnect" -> "Powerconnect Health" menu.

  • "SE37 Function Module Execution Log" under "SAP Security" menu.

  • "Parameter Changes (TU02)" under "SAP Performance" -> "System Configuration" menu.

  • "Transport Details" under "SAP Business Process" menu.

  • "Transport Routes Overview" under "SAP Business Process" menu.

  • "Security Policy Changes Dashboard" under "SAP Security" -> "System Security" menu.

  • "IDOC Status for WE02 Details" under "SAP Business Process" -> "IDOCs" menu.

  • "SAP Security Notes" under "SAP Security" -> "System Security" menu.

  • "SAP Notes Implementation (SNOTE)" under "SAP Security" -> "System Security" menu.

  • "qRFC Monitor" under "SAP Interfaces" menu.

  • "Background RFC(BgRFC) Performance Monitor - SBGRFCPERFMON" under "SAP Interfaces" menu.

  • "Background RFC(BgRFC) Monitor - SBGRFCMON" under "SAP Interfaces" menu.

  • "STATS End User Monitoring" under "SAP Performance" -> "End User Monitoring" menu.

  • "Java System Overview" under "Java" menu.

  • "PI/PO Performance Monitoring" under "Java" -> "PI/PO" menu.


  • "IDOC Status for WE02 Overview"

    • Name changed from "IDOC Status for WE02."

    • Some drilldown details have been moved to new "IDOC Status for WE02 Details" dashboard.

  • "qRFC Monitor for the outbound queue (Legacy)"

    • "Legacy" tag added to name; dashboard replaced by new "qRFC Monitor" dashboard.

  • "qRFC Monitor for the inbound queue (Legacy)"

    • "Legacy" tag added to name; dashboard replaced by new "qRFC Monitor" dashboard.

  • "SAP Security Essentials"

    • Certificate drilldowns now point to STRUST dashbaord.

  • "Certificate Status - STRUST"

    • Minor tweaks for improved backend performance.

  • "Work Processes Overview"

    • Aggregation selection removed; hardcoded to "max."

  • "IDOC Segments Overview"

    • New filter for "Basic Type."

    • Status handling and display updated for accuracy.

  • "Transport Overview"

    • Detailed transport information extracted into new dashboards "Transport Details" and "Transport Routes Overview."

  • "Rule Processing Framework"

    • Rule Statistics table removes duplicates.

    • Rule attribute table displays all fields with the "X_" prefix.

  • "System Overview"

    • tRFC Errors panel now points to new "tRFC Monitor (SM58)" dashboard.

  • "System Overview (7.x)"

    • Some panel names updated.

    • Alerting framework integration repaired on broken panels.

    • tRFC Errors panel now points to new "tRFC Monitor (SM58)" dashboard.

  • "Oracle: Overview"

    • Minor panel tweaks; fields updated.

  • "JVM Overview"

    • Now shows information per instance on various panels.

  • "PI/PO Adapter Engine Queues"

    • Default timerange updated to last 24 hours.

    • Updated timechart aggregation to max from latest.

  • "Monitor for Processed XML Messages (SXMB_MONI)"

    • Receiver/sender inputs have been combined into joint inputs to reduce clutter. The new inputs will search both the corresponding sender and receiver fields.

  • PI Messages

    • Tweaks to status panels.

    • Associated javascript updated to remove filtering of blank payloads.

  • Capacity Management Information Systems

    • Fixed the "Total File System Capacity (Latest)" panel.

Additional App Updates

  • Several entries in the navigation menu (notably "SAP Security" and "SAP Performance") have been moved

  • Due to data outputs to lookup exceeding default limits and resulting in missing data, the saved search "Batch Jobs Runtime Threshold - Lookup Gen" now runs at four-hour intervals looking at a four-hour window.

Known Issues

  • A small number of German and Japanese translations for dashboard titles may not be present.

  • Spool Information – Spool count is inaccurate.

  • Spool Monitoring – No value shown on Printing Performance chart.

  • System Overview (7.x) – Concurrent Logins not shown.

  • SAP Security Essentials – “Users with Sensitive Auth Objects” is incorrect. We will evaluate and post a fix here when available.

  • The “HANA DB Load History,“ and “HANA Config (INI) Change,“ dashboards have System selector dropdowns that show all systems. They should only allow users to select systems built on HANA databases. See the fix here.

  • The IDOC Segments Overview dashboard has two panels that will not show results regardless of the system selected. See the fix here.

  • For Splunk Cloud customers running PowerConnect Splunk app versions 7.0.0-7.2.0, please refer to Knowledge Base #173 to address a bug specific to Splunk Cloud that may prevent the Master Inventory Lookup (and potentially other KVstore-based lookups) from generating properly.

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