Post upgrade steps

Please ensure there are no unsent metrics left in the queue before PowerConnect jobs are started again (after SPAM import step). Following options need to be considered: 

  • Stop Extractor job and wait until all metrics are sent before the upgrade is actually started. 

  • Stop all jobs and execute ‘Goto->Troubleshooting->Truncate cluster’ menu option to cleanup all metrics in the queue.

SAP Bach user role is updated in this version, it is recommended to re-import it after upgrade.



  • New HDB Object locks extractor;
    Event type: HDB_DBCC_OLOCK

  • New HDB Record locks extractor;
    Event type: HDB_DBCC_RLOCK

  • New Metric cluster repair functionality (Troubleshooting);

  • New GW Frontend Error log extractor (/IWFND/ERROR_LOG);
    Event type: GW_ERROR_FND

  • New GW Backend Error log extractor (/IWBEP/ERROR_LOG);
    Event type: GW_ERROR_BEP

  • New Security Policies log extractor (SECPOL_CHANGES);
    Event type: SECPOL_LOG
    Platforms: NW 7.40+, S4HANA

  • New Fiori user monitoring functionality;
    Event type: FLP_MONITOR
    Platforms: S4HANA, NW Fiori frontend

  • New ST13 TBI/BPMON Extractor (Business Process KPIs);
    Event type: BPM_ST13_TBI
    Platforms: NW ECC, S4HANA

  • New Post upgrade extractor setup (functionality to keep/switch off extractors delivered with upgrade)


  • STMS: New TMS queue overview subgroup;
    Event subgroup: QUEUE

  • STMS: New Transport log subgroup;
    Event subgroup: TPALOGS_DETAILS

  • SU01: New Security policy field;

  • SU01: New SNC GUI field;

  • SLG1: Filter dialog changes (UI);

  • RZ10: New Parameter category field;

  • SUIM: Security policy change tracking;

  • SM59: Ping from each instance;

  • PRC_CHAIN_LOG: New chain relation fields;

  • Memory optimizations during metric uploading;

Bug fixes

  • BPM_ECC_ESOD: Missing values fix;

  • SM51_QUEUE: RFC communication dump fix;

  • MTR_DDIC: empty structure values fix;

  • TREAD_DYN: inline variables fix;

  • OSQLSCRIPTS: inline variables fix;

  • SXMB_MONI: status group filter fix;

  • Various Control panel bug fixes;

Known issues

  • AIF_ERROR: Fail to extract data for certain interfaces.

  • MTR_DDIC: In some cases might produce `Structure is not found` message in the application log.