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PowerConnect SP 8.00 Release notes (ABAP)


Upgrade steps are described in the following KB: PowerConnect ABAP Support Pack 6.X to 7.0 Upgrade

!Important notes:

  • Please perform Metric queue cleanup step before the upgrade

  • User roles are updated in this release and should be re-imported after upgrade

Known problems




Bug fixes

  • Metrics are not uploaded to load balanced Target Group bug fix

  • Time based extraction: incorrect job user name fix

  • Upload scheme: target deletion bug fix

  • Field filter migration bug fix (post upgrade)

  • STAD: reduntant events bug fix

  • STATS: time conversion issue fix for SAP NW 7.40

  • STATS: data collected from single app server fix

  • STAD: data collected from single app server fix

  • SM12: WP number with more than 2 digits extracted properly now

  • STRUST: Validity timestamp format has been fixed

  • LOGS: Gateway logs parsing error fix

  • Sybase table size calculation bug fix

  • SM37: missing EPP context fields

  • TREAD_DYN: Extraction failing if specified timestamp has long format

  • TREAD_DYN: Extraction failing in case time field in DB is empty

  • SLG1: bug fix for duplicate field in context structure

  • LTRC_CHECK: data extraction bug fix

  • CDPOS: filter backup export bug fix

  • SM20 duplicated events bug fix

Various bug fixes comparing to SP 7.04.

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